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      Experience the new £50.


      The Bank of England launched the new polymer £50 on the 23rd June 2021.

      The new £50 features the scientist Alan Turing, who was best known for his code-breaking work at Bletchley Park which helped end the Second World War. The launch date of the £50 coincides with his birthday.

      The polymer series of notes are more durable than paper notes, remaining in better condition throughout their life and are much harder to counterfeit. The series share common security features (holograms and windows) which appear differently on each denomination.

      “This new £50 note completes our set of polymer banknotes. These are much harder to counterfeit, and with its security features the new £50 is part of our most secure series of banknotes yet. These security features are common across all our banknotes, so if you can check one, you can check them all.”

      Bank of England
      Sarah John, Chief Cashier

      Design and print 

      The print process

      De La Rue worked collaboratively to realise the Banks vision and direction of the design. The aesthetic design of the new £50 was created by the Bank of England, before being passed over to De La Rue to complete the process of converting this design into a functional, printable banknote ...

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      Security features

      Printed on polymer, the £50 has many different security elements layered throughout the design. See through polymer windows, image switching holograms, coloured foil patches and ultraviolet features are all present in the note. 

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